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    Speaking To An Insurance Agent: Why You Shouldn't Be Afraid

    Yes, indeed, we’ve heard all the stories and the jokes about never speaking to an insurance agent. We enjoy the jokes as much as anyone, but the truth is, speaking to an agent may be the most important conversation you have about protecting your financial assets.

    All insurance carriers are not the same. They are rated in tiers.  Many different aspects come into play when we quote insurance for a client.  Some carriers provide better coverage than others in particular types of insurance. Someone buying renters insurance has different needs and priorities than someone needing a homeowners policy. Insuring your personal cars isn’t the same as insuring your corporate vehicles.

    Schechner-Lifson agents are not only experienced at knowing the different types of coverages, but also which carriers do the best jobs in each coverage area. The more information clients provide, the better we’re able to assess the situation and advise them on the best way to protect their assets.

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